Mission e Vision


Preserve, study and promote the historical and artistic heritage of Albissola Marina, enhancing its integration with the urban and natural environment,  and strengthen its traditional synergy with local artisans, and creative and productive activities.
Manage the municipal art collections, historical sites and cultural activities according to scientific criteria, sustainability and virtuosity towards the territory; promoting outside of it, the art and history of Albissola Marina, and presenting the most up-to-date expressions of international contemporary art and culture.


We want to transform the knowledge of living and working in a unique and rare place for the history of modern and contemporary art, in a long-term project for a Museum born from the territory and grown in the folds of ancient traditions, artistic avant-garde and cultural identity.

An open and inclusive Museum, as have always been, for  all the events and art pieces conceived and made in Albissola Marina by the great international masters, by the emerging talents, and by local artisans.

A widespread Museum is for us, a form of management system, as well as, a way to take advantage of the cultural heritage of the territory; for this, we rely on qualified professionals within the different areas of need of the Museum,  as to protect , to  study and to communicate art.

A Museum to live and discover, just as you have been living and discovering the town of Albissola Marina for over a century: in its winning combination of contemporary art, local culture and tourism.

A Diffused Museum that encourages, within  its guidelines, the best excellences and private initiatives in the areas of craftmanship, design, tourist reception, management, and education, with the intention of implementing integrated cultural projects to  benefit cohesiveness, local community growth and an inclusive society.